El Mago (1949) AKA The Magician


Probably the most delightful Cantinflas movie ever made, Cantinflas goes from the streets of Mexico to the fabulous palaces of the Far East. Overnight, he becomes a Caliph, then a magician, then several other fascinating characters, each one providing another facet of Cantinflas’ unique human comedy.

Director: Miguel M. Delgado. AKA The Magician
Stars: Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, Leonora Amar, José Baviera, Alejandro Cobo, Eduardo Finance, Miguel Manzano, Rafael Icardo, Ernesto Finance, Pepe Martínez, Amparo Arozamena, Rudy del Moral, Julián de Meriche, Olga Chaviano, Óscar Pulido.


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