Under the Gun (1988)


A St. Louis cop, Mike Braxton, receives an urgent call for help from his brother Tony, a small time thief in Los Angeles. Mike rushes to LA and finds that his brother has been murdered and his brother Tony’s girlfriend gunned down right in front of him. Mike quickly learns Tony was a courier for an arms smuggler, Simon Stone. When Mike meets Stone’s lawyer, Samantha Richardson , the two team up to bring down Stone’s arms smuggling empire. However, Mike’s infatuation with Samantha keeps putting them in greater danger.

Director: James Sbardellati.
Stars: Sam J. Jones, Vanessa Williams, John Russell, Michael Halsey, Nick Cassavetes, Steven Williams, Bill McKinney, Rockne Tarkington, Don Stark, Chris Mulkey, Michele Russell, Duane Tucker, Dan Tullis Jr., James McIntire, Burton Collins.


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