Hi there! thanks for clicking here. 

If you’d like to make a donation for the site you can do so via BuyMeACoffee, BMAC uses Paypal but I think you can donate directly with a card without the need of having a Paypal account although I’m not completely sure. I also accept Bitcoin, taking any amounts on the following address: 1FhJuvUyG66ZNjBbwFkTLirXyBpQFzzyBH, for ETH: 0xaf6a321d63745bdf777fc308130245992dbbc9c8.

All donations are greatly appreciated and no amount is too small, like I like to say, everything helps. rarefilmm is a crowd funded project, donations are and always have been essential to keep the site online, without them I wouldn’t have been able to keep the site up for so long (started in late 2013 and still going!), all the money collected will be used to pay for costs of hosting, storage space and CDN (streaming for those blocked on okru), if there’s any remains I also plan on buying rare movies from private collectors who have movies that simply can’t be found anywhere on the net, once purchased I will be making them available here on rarefilmm.

Thank you everyone for all the support throughout the years, you guys are the best.

– Jon.

Note: If for whatever reason you don’t feel good about your name being visibly public on the BMAC page you can simply leave the Name and E-mail colums blank when making the donation and it will hide your name, it will look exactly like this:

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