February 11, 2024 / Drama
November 22, 2023 / Animation
October 12, 2023 / Drama

Tired of being mistreated by their husbands, Ema, Clotilde, and Chayo leave their families and begin an adventure that takes them to a cavernous cabaret in Guadalajara, a love affair with a hot-blooded young drug dealer, and a popular, well-decorated Mexican restaurant in downtown L.A. Along the way, the three women find their respective self-esteem and their true reasons for living.

October 5, 2023 / Experimental

Without dialogue, but with a lot of music, the film tells the story of four young women who escape from their indifferent parents, lewd teachers, sinister policemen and numerous criminals to form a commune based on the principle: “solidarity between women is powerful” in an abandoned house.

July 26, 2023 / Drama

From legendary director Felipe Cazals, a historical drama of the last days of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Despite defeating the Texans of the Alamo, he lost the war of Texas Independence and gave away half of Mexico (including Texas, New Mexico, and Oregon). Exiled from his homeland, he is allowed to return only a few years before dying in 1976. At the end of his life, he still clings to illusions of regaining his former glory and popularity.

June 8, 2023 / Arthouse
April 9, 2023 / Drama

This was the first of a trilogy of films that director Rodríguez filmed to exalt the box office figure of Villa. Narrated in the form of independent episodes, it has seven segments of which the last one is the longest and narrates the love that a singer named Jesusita feels for the bold, but married, general. Between the episodes the loyalty of the man is shown, the sense of justice, his hypocritical heresy and the aspect of a womanizer and conqueror.

June 11, 2022 / Comedy

A boy lives with his alcoholic grandfather and wants to get rid of his vice. One day he sees in the wax museum that a couple of drunks are frightened by the figure of Dracula and he spreads word in his neighborhood that Dracula is prowling around. Then he disguises himself as the mythical character to scare his grandfather.