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August 19, 2018 / Drama
August 19, 2018 / Drama

Wealthy European aristocrat Liviu and his wife, Julia escape the harsh reality of WWII by vacationing on a tropical island. Due to unforeseen circumstances involving their ship, they end up stranded on the island along with their servants, Eusebio and Larsen. They run around lawlessly and slowly run out of food. Soon the servants revolt and the wealthy couple discover that they can’t escape the war.

WATCH MOVIE Foxtrot (1976)

August 18, 2018 / Drama

A New York chorus girl comes home to claim her family plantation and must choose between two men, one rich, one not.

WATCH MOVIE Virginia (1941)

August 4, 2018 / Drama

Three performers for six roles: this is the game of the film. A melodrama about two love triangles. In the first, Hagalin is killed by his mistress and her lover. In the second, attorney Lamorciere discovers her woman would like to elope with his assistant. During the trial against two murderer lovers, attorney agrees to a minor sentence for them.

WATCH MOVIE Crack in the Mirror (1960)

August 4, 2018 / Drama

Frankie Fane has clawed his way to the top of the Hollywood heap. Now, as he’s preparing to win his Oscar, his friend Hymie Kelly reminisces over their life together, and Frankie’s ruthless struggle to the top and the people he’s stepped on (i.e., everyone else in the movie) to make it there. 

WATCH MOVIE The Oscar (1966)

August 4, 2018 / Drama

Salty owes money to Doc Baxter; he and his pal Smitty have one month to pay up. They get a race horse and a disbarred jockey, Johnny Cates, who must fake his identity to race. Johnny and Salty both fall in love with Barbara Brooks and, to get even, Johnny considers throwing the horserace.

WATCH MOVIE Salty O’Rourke (1945)

August 4, 2018 / Drama

Pat’s ability as a logging/mining camp fighter sets him up to box prizefighter Corrigan. Unknown to his supporters, he’s actually in collusion with Corrigan to throw the fight – until he runs into reporter Maude.

WATCH MOVIE Conflict (1936)

August 3, 2018 / Drama

Sworn Enemy stars Robert Young as “Hank” Sherman, a law student who earns extra cash by working as a chauffeur. His job becomes significantly harder, however, when he finds himself entangled in the effort to catch the mobster who murdered his boss and harmed his brother.

WATCH MOVIE Sworn Enemy (1936)