Second Chance (1947)


Joan Summers enters the office of jewel merchant Montclaire closely followed by Kendal Wolf. Each recognizes the other to be a jewel thief, and wordlessly they team together to steal a $30,000 diamond. Searched and questioned when the gem is missed, they are released….with the gem. Detective Sharpe is still suspicious and so is the head of Jeweler’s Indemnity, who puts two underworld men on to retrieve the diamond.

Director: James Tinling (as James S. Tinling).
Stars: Kent Taylor, Louise Currie, Dennis Hoey, Larry J. Blake, Ann Doran, John Eldredge, Paul Guilfoyle, William Newell, Guy Kingsford, Charles Flynn, Eddie Fetherston, Francis Pierlot, Betty Compson, Edwin Maxwell, Archie Twitchell.


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