Isten veled, kis sziget! (1986) AKA Farewell, Little Island!


This ecologically-minded film builds on the contrasts of idyllic, untouched nature and small communities versus the world of rigid, faceless, gigantic machine monstrosities. This film that was created at the time of mass demonstrations against the levelling of Transylvanian villages and the barrage system on the Danube in the late 1980s was inspired by the novel Farewell to Matyora by Valentin Rasputin about a Siberian village flooded because of the construction of a hydroelectric power station.

Director: Sándor Reisenbüchler. AKA Farewell, Little Island!
Writer: Valentin Rasputin (novel).
Cinematographer: Zoltán Bacsó.
Composer: Péter Kardos.
Animator: Sándor Reisenbüchler.


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