Fast Film (2003)


An homage to action films, it tells the story of a chase using scraps of other films as different types of animation (using 65,000 paper printouts of images from 400 live action films) illustrate a classic chase scene scenario: A woman is abducted and a man comes to her rescue, but during their escape they find themselves in the enemy’s secret headquarters.

Director: Virgil Widrich.
Writer: Virgil Widrich.
Cinematographer: Martin Putz.
Animators: Gernot Egger, Vinh-San Nguyen, Alexandra Pauser, Walter Rafelsberger, David Reischl, Christian Ursnik, Mario Waldhuber.

2003 Cannes Film Festival – Nominated for the Palme d’Or for Best Short Film.
2004 Cartoon Forum, Europe – Winner Cartoon D’Or. 

Making of:


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