The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973)


Based on Sam Greenlee’s novel, The Spook Who Sat by the Door tells the story of Black CIA agent hired to showcase agency integration in order to boost a white senator’s re-election campaign. After going undercover as a Black nationalist, he abandons the agency in order to train young recruits in Chicago to become urban guerrillas. Though filmed mostly in Gary, Indiana due to Mayor Daley’s personal distaste for the subject matter, the landscape of Chicago casts a strong shadow over the movie.

Director: Ivan Dixon.
Writers: Sam Greenlee (screenplay), Melvin Clay, Sam Greenle (novel).
Stars: Lawrence Cook, Janet League, Paula Kelly, J.A. Preston, Don Blakely, Paul Butler, David Lemieux, Byron Morrow, Jack Aaron, Joseph Mascolo, Elaine Aiken, Beverly Gill, Bob Hill, Martin Golar, Jeff Hamilton, Margaret Kromgols, Tom Alderman, Stephen Ferry, Kathy Berk, Stephen Ferry II, Frank Lesley, Harold Johnson, Anthony Ray, Audrey Stevenson, John Charles, Ponciano Olayta Jr., Sidney Eden, Colostine Boatwright, Johnny Williams, Cora Williams, Bobbie Gene Williams, Doug Johnson, Lenard Norris, Mark Williams, Walter Lowe, Robert Franklin, Harold Harris, Jim Heard, Kenneth Lee Orme, Don Greenlee, Johnnie Johnson III, Frank E. Ford, Maurice Wicks, Perry Thomas, Clinton Malcome, Orlanders Thomas, Larry Lawrence, Rodney McGrader, Tyrone R. Livingston, Ramon Livingston, James Mitchell, Virgie Johnson.
Cinematographer: Michel Hugo.
Composer: Herbie Hancock.

Interview with Sam Greenlee (author) & Robert Townsend (director, actor & producer): 


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