Category: Drama

February 24, 2023 / Arthouse

Mossane is a film about a beautiful 14-year-old girl from a rural Serer village, beloved by many including her own brother, and Fara, a poor university student. Although she has long been promised in marriage to the wealthy Diogaye, Mossane defies her parents’ wishes and pursues a relationship with Fara. The film shows the strength of a younger generation as they resist archaic traditions, and revels in their courage and their wish for emancipation.

February 24, 2023 / Drama

Pupil Tobias is a big Beatles fan. He knows everything about his favourite group. All the pieces of trivia he has collected seem to be pieces of a puzzle which lead to the only possible conclusion: Paul McCartney has died early and was replaced with a double by the band’s management. Now Tobias has to communicate his findings.

February 21, 2023 / Comedy

The fantasies and dreams of two over-the-hill actresses are intertwined with their realities, as the two roommates struggle to survive their day-to-day lives in the expensive and difficult world of Paris.

February 17, 2023 / Drama
February 17, 2023 / Comedy

A rundown suburban villa is home to three individuals who live happily together. Fernand and Alexa are fugitives from ill-fated marriages; Louis is a young bisexual musician who couldn’t get on with his parents. The strange mĂ©nage attracts the attentions of a police inspector, but he is also drawn into this world of mutual tolerance and free love, becoming their friend when his own wife leaves him. The happy community looks as if it might be falling apart when Fernand falls in love with a young middleclass woman…

February 17, 2023 / Comedy

In 1966, University of Texas student Charles Whitman climbed to the top of the highest tower on campus armed with a high-powered rifle and proceeded to randomly shoot passerby below. A dozen innocent people died and twice that many were injured. As a black, scathing and at times hilarious political satire, The Delicate Art of the Rifle takes this event and twists it into something fresh and experimental, a narrative that criticizes the current notion of narrative by stripping facts of their historical context and placing them into an absurd realm punctuated by paranoia and arbitrary violence. 

February 16, 2023 / Drama

Rose Hindmarsh finds herself at the centre of a controversy when she meets author Sarah Maloney as she investigates the life of Mary Swann, an obscure poet who was brutally murdered in a small town in rural Ontario.

February 16, 2023 / Drama

Ivan’s best friend, Kamen, is in an American hospital, in coma after an accident. Since he’s denied a visa to the USA and can’t stay by his side in his last moments, Ivan decides to set off for Bulgaria countryside, taking the camera Kamen has given him. There’s a legend in Kamen’s place of birth – a small mountain village – that one song could bring people back to life. Ivan starts a journey to find it and record it, collecting a myriad of stories along the way. Will he succeed?