February 21, 2023 / Comedy

The fantasies and dreams of two over-the-hill actresses are intertwined with their realities, as the two roommates struggle to survive their day-to-day lives in the expensive and difficult world of Paris.

February 21, 2023 / Short

François Truffaut said of Paul Vecchiali in his early days that he was “the only true heir of Jean Renoir.” The first short film of this director, who was to become a singular figure of independent French cinema, follows the path of an elderly woman towards her memories and beyond. Attentive, affectionate and sometimes cruel, Vecchiali’s camera invents its own expressive language.

February 17, 2023 / Comedy

A rundown suburban villa is home to three individuals who live happily together. Fernand and Alexa are fugitives from ill-fated marriages; Louis is a young bisexual musician who couldn’t get on with his parents. The strange ménage attracts the attentions of a police inspector, but he is also drawn into this world of mutual tolerance and free love, becoming their friend when his own wife leaves him. The happy community looks as if it might be falling apart when Fernand falls in love with a young middleclass woman…

January 30, 2023 / Arthouse

Maria learns that her aunt Oriana has died and willed her a crumbling and remote Venezuelan hacienda where Maria spent a short time as a girl just entering puberty. Maria goes to the hacienda to prepare the place for sale; while going through her aunt’s papers, she recalls her visit years’ before. In flashbacks, we see the young Maria trying to sort out why Oriana never leaves the hacienda, what secret may be in Oriana’s past, and who the mysterious Sergio was. The young Maria, as she learns things, imagines her aunt’s youth, cruel father, and first love. After these reveries within reveries, Maria, now a grown woman, makes one more discovery.

January 29, 2023 / Drama

Alexandre, a TV reporter, is working for a few days in a border town, where a lot of refugees from Albania, Turkey and Kurdistan are packed in. Among them, he notices an old man and thinks he is an important Greek politician who disappeared mysteriously a few years ago. Back in Athens, he asks this politician’s former wife to come and identify him. A slow and dry meditation about the inhumanity of borders.

January 29, 2023 / Drama

This drama about the Carmelite order of nuns is set during the French Revolution. A young woman seeks refuge with the Carmelites because she is terrified of dying during the upheaval. The longer she associates with the nuns the more she is transformed by their faith and devotion. 

January 29, 2023 / Short
January 29, 2023 / Fantasy

Jo is a creative girl bound for art school who enjoys practicing her skills by reproducing famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh. While she’s working on one such picture in public, a stranger purchases some of her pieces. Initially overjoyed, Jo becomes distraught when she realizes her artwork is making millions on the black market. As Jo and her best pal, Felix, try to track down the pictures, they get some supernatural help from Van Gogh’s ghost.