Kings of Ads 001 + 002 (1991/93)


A two-part collection of mostly European T.V. commercials directed by a variety of well-known directors from across Europe and the U.S. Compiled and produced by Jean-Marie Boursicot.

Content of Kings of Ads 001:

KOA 001
David Cronenberg … (segment “Nike Air commercial”).
Giuseppe Tornatore … (segment “Parisienne People commercial” & “Dinners Club International commercial”).
Tim Burton … (segment “Hollywood Chewing Gum commercial”).
Luc Besson … (segment “Chanel N°5 parfum commercial” & “Club Internet commercial” (x2)).
Ang Lee … (segment “Visa commercial”).
Woody Allen … (segment “coop commercial”).
Alex Proyas … (segment “JCDecaux commercial” & “Nike Air 1980 commercial”).
Wong Kar Wai … (segment “JCDecaux commercial” & Xian Tian Wine commercial”).
Glen Goei … (segment “JCDecaux commercial”).
Ivan Zacharias … (segment “JCDecaux commercial”).
Wim Wenders … (segment “JCDecaux commercial” & “Barilla commercial”).
Roy Andersson … (segment “JCDecaux commercial”).
Frederic Planchon … (segment “JCDecaux commercial”).
Blanca Li … (segment “JCDecaux commercial”).
Spike Lee … (segment “JCDecaux commercial”).
Mike Figgis … (segment “JCDecaux commercial”).
Francis Ford Coppola … (segment “JCDecaux commercial”).
Emir Kusturica … (segment “IOL Italia Online commercial” & “Parisienne people commercial”).
Pixar Studios … (segment “EV1 from General Motors commercial”).
Roman Polanski … (segment “Parisienne People commercial”).
Francis F. Coppola & Roman Coppola… (segment “illy coffe commercial”).
Michel Gondry … (segment “Polaroid commercial” & “GAP Kids commercial” (x2)).
Jean Baptiste Mondino … (segment “Drakkar Noir parfum commercial”, “Spontex commercial”, “Kouros by YSL parfume commercial”, “Beauty products by YSL commercial” & “Jean Paul Gaultier parfum commercial” (x3)).
Jean Jacques Annaud … (segment “Pierre water commercial”).
Tony Kaye … (segment “Tiscali Net commercial”).
Jean Pierre Jeunet … (segment “BNP Commercial”).
Ridley Scott … (segment “Perrier water commercial”).
Zoltan (at Plumstead and Palmer Hargreaves) … segment Skinned – Respect for Animals commercial”).
Jacques Audiard … (segment “Transilien commercial” (x2)).
Bettina Rheims … (segment “absolu by DIM commercial” (x2)).
Martin Campbell … (segment “Lego Technic commercial”, “Grolsch beer commercial” & “Rothmans cigarettes commercial”).
Gabriele Salvatores … (segment “Lavazza coffe commercial”).
Alessandro D’Alatri … (segment “Nestea commercial”).
Daniele Lucchetti … (segment ” Maxibom icecream sandwich commercial”).
Renzo Martineli … (segment “infiore underwear commercial”).
Maurizio Nichetti … (segment “Pandoro Melegatti commercial”).
Paolo Virzi’ … (segment “Pagine Gialle commercial”).
Cristina Comencini … (segment “187 by Telecom Italia commercial”).
Ricky Tognazzi … (segment “Ministero del Tesoro e dell’Unione Europea commercial”).
Gabriele Muccino … (segment “Caffè Latte by Nescafé commercial”).
Fran Ozpetek … (segment “Banco posta commercial”).
Felix Kassovitz … (segment “Hungarian honey commercial”).
Jean Pierre Mocky … (segment “7 à Paris magazine commercial” (x2)).
Etienne Chatilliez … (segment “Le Trèfle Parfumé commercial” & “free time restaurant commercial”).
Bruno Aveillan … (segment “Brut by Fabergé parfum commercial” & CNP Assurances commercial).
Michel Hazavanicius … (segment “Air Liberte commercial” (x2).
Jan Kounen … (segment “Toyota Yaris commercial” & “Smirnoff commercial”).
Quentin Dupieux … (segment “Levi’s STA-PREST Jeans commercial” (x3)).
Alain Chabat … (segment MAAF assurances commercial & “Orangine commercial” (x4)).
Tony Scott … (segment “Marlboro cigarettes commercial”).
David Lynch … (segments “JCDecaux commercial”, “GIO by Giorgio Armani commercial”, Parisienne People commercial” & “Barilla commercial”).
Tarsem … (segments “Campari commercial”, “Tag Heuer commercial”, “Tarallucci cookies commercial”, “Pepsi commercial”, “Smirnoff commercial” (x2), “LEE Jeans commercial” & “MTV commercial”).
Spike Jonze … (segment “Nike commercial”).
Mathieu Kassovitz … (segment “Miracle Homme by Lancôme parfum commercial”).
Eric Zonca … (segment “Nestlé Ricoré commercial”).
Chris Noonan … (segment “Milka chocolate commercial”).
Jean Luc Godard … (segment “Parisienne people commercial”).
Jean Paul Goude … (segment Égoïste by Chanel parfum commercial”).
Spike Lee … (segment “Nike Air commercial”).

Content of Kings of Ads 002:

KOA 002
Hugh Hudson … (segments “British Airways commercial”, “The Strada Fiat commercial”, “Benson & Hedges commercial”, “Fujicolor commercial”, “Britan’s Railway commercial”, “Guinness – Pure Genius commercial”, “Colt 45 commercial” & “L’Aimant by Coty commercial”).
Martin Scorsese … (segment “Armani parfum commercial”).
Ricardo Albiñana … (segment “Sanyo commercial”).
Claude Lelouch … (segment “Renault commercial).
Jean-Luc Godard … (segment “Marithé et François Girbaud jeans commercial (x2)”).
Etienne Chatiliez … (segment “Super Timor commercial”).
Maurizio Nichetti … (segment “Azzurro Super Oil commercial”).
Carlos Saura … (segment “Orangina commercial”).
Just Jaeckin … (segments “Seiko commercial”, “Pacific commercial”, & “Jeans Buffalo commercial”).
Häkan Sjödin … (segment “Nokia commercial”).
Gerard Jugnot … (segments “Vittelloise commercial” & “Lucky Strike commercial”).
Eric de la Hosseray … (segment “Studio Magazine commercial”).
Jean-Jacques Annaud … (segment “Hertz commercial”, “Kelton commercial” & “Ford Escort Manhattan commercial”).
Franco Zeffirelli … (segment “Annabella Pavia” commercial”).
Jean Pierre Jeunet … (segment “Sécurité routière commercial”).
Theo Delaney … (segment “Jiffi condom commercial”).
Fritz Tschirren … (segment “Samurai commercial”).
Alain Franchet … (segment “Manpower commercial”).
William Klein … (segment “Citroën commercial”).
Walter Lantz … (segment “Le Vaillant Tailleur for Coca-Cola commercial”).
Peter Wester … (segment “Samarin commercial”).
Roman Polanski … (segments “1664 de Kronenbourg commercial”, “Vanity Fair commercial”, & “Marie Claire commercial”).
Johan Skog … (segment “Freshmint commercial”).
Jean-Jacques Beinex (segment “Crème de Peinture du Valentin commercial”).
Ridley Scott … (segment “Pepsi commercial”).
David Bailey … (segment “Gauloises Blondes Allumettes commercial”).
Werner Hlinka … (segment “Audi commercial”).
Federico Fellini … (segment “Campari commercial”).
Richard Slogett … (segment “Söta Naturligt commercial”).
Giuseppe Tornatore … (segment “IP commercial”).
Patrice Leconte … (segment “Humex Fournier commercial”).
Bernard Lemoine … (segment “Perrier commercial”).
Lâm Le … (segment “Spa Water commercial).
Lester Bookbinder … (segment “1664 commercial”).
Andrei Konchalowski … (segment “Gruppo Same commercial”).
Michel Israel … (segment “Durex commercial”)
David Lynch … (segment “Opium parfum by YSL commercial”).
Jaime de la Pena … (segment “Invicta commercial”).
Julian Cottrell … (segment “Silk Cut Cigarettes by Benson & Hedges commercial”).
Jean-Marie Perier … (segment “??? commercial”).
Luigi Comencini … (segment “Banca del Friuli commercial”).
Jean-Paul Goude … (segment “Citroen CX2 commercial” & “Orangina commercial”).
Martin Lobo … (segment “Fuji”).
Jean-Jacques Beinex … (segment “Stefanel commercial” & “Fujicolor commercial”).
Dario Argento … (segment “Fiat Croma commercial”).
David Davinson … (segment “Lega Per L’emancipazione degli handicappati commercial”).
Pascal Thomas … (segment “Kleenex commercial”).
Claude Chabrol … (segment “Winston cigarettes commercial”).
Director Unknown … (segment “Bic razor commercial”).
J. Taylor … (segment “Whitworths commercial”).
Helmut Newton … (segment “Lampo zippers commercial”).
Atsuta … (segment “Le sucre commercial”).
Nikita Michalkov … (segment “Barilla commercial”)

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  1. Richard Doyle
    April 19, 2022

    Thanks … excellent find.

  2. Matt
    September 30, 2022

    How could these be from 1991 and 1993 when they contain commercials from the early 2000’s? The booklet inside the second DVD case says they were released at the same time. There is no date on either DVD case or disc but both interior booklets share a copyright of Sept 24, 2003.

    • Jon W.
      October 1, 2022

      Hi Matt,
      Thanks for pointing that out, honestly I’m not 100% sure but it seems these compilations were completed in ’91 and ’93 respectfully and they were shown in some countries in those years, check IMDB:

      The DVDs were released in 2003 and yes they were both released together and at the same time.
      Could you tell me which commercials you found that are from the early 2000s? I wonder if they included extra ones that weren’t included in the original compilation from the ’90s for the DVD release, maybe that’s the case, maybe the label who put these compilations on DVD thought there wasn’t enough ads to justify 2 DVDs so they added some more but like I said I have no idea there’s very little information about these compilations online :/

  3. December 10, 2022

    what a great website!!! this help me so much!!! thank u so much!

  4. The Establishing Shot
    January 30, 2023


    First Well done! I love your site and hope it goes from strength to strength. I actually came across it looking for The king of Ads.

    I maybe able to shed some light on this mystery. I grew up watching The King of Ads trying to learn as much as I could about filming techniques from the top tier.

    King of Ads 1 came out in 1991 & King of Ads 2 in 1993, Both on VHS or Broadcast/ Professional Video Format I can’t remember which. DVD only went mainstream in the late 90s and King of Ads was never released on DVD.

    In 2003 a Japanese distributor called “Gakken” (if my information is correct) released an updated version of The King of Ads set. I don’t know if these were bootleg versions or official releases – based on the original curator Jean-Marie Boursicot ‘s The Night of the Ad Eaters collections

    But every image and all information I have found online, including IMDB references details from the 2003 releases, not the original 91/93 releases.

    Hope this helps

  5. Manny
    April 23, 2024

    @Jon these are great! Possible to get a new download link up for them please?

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