November 18, 2018 / Foreign

José Manuel Alcántara is a playwright of about fifty years. Because of the failure of his last work, or perhaps due to the abandonment of his wife, he decides to leave Madrid and settle in a city on the seashore. There he lives quietly, dedicated to his collaborations in radio and press. But suddenly, the “mistakes of the past” appear again. His son, singer and rock songwriter, appears suddenly, not to settle accounts, but for something bolder. An actress who was in love emerges one day in the theatrical billboards of the city. And her friend Lola will pose problems of compound interest to José Manuel.

November 12, 2018 / Foreign
October 29, 2018 / Foreign

Juan and Carmen are a humble marriage from Madrid. She takes care of domestic chores and he works as an electrician in a film studio. Their dreams of wellness come true when the two win a contest sponsored by a soap brand. It is the choice of “the happy couple”: for 24 hours the selected couple receives all kinds of invitations and gifts. But, precisely on the same day, Juan must solve two serious problems that Carmen does not know about.

October 27, 2018 / Foreign

Tula, a thirty one year old unmarried woman, whose sister has just died, decides to bring her brother in law, a bank employee and his two children into her home. As she takes over the management of their lives, she gradually usurps the privileges of her brother in law, and his children. She acts as a wife mother figure, but does not accept the sexual commitments or maternal responsibilities of her new role.

October 27, 2018 / Foreign
October 20, 2018 / Foreign

José Diaz leaves prison after fulfilling an unjust sentence of ten years for murder. Returning to the town where he is originally from, he and his sister, Carmen, make plans to kill Luis, whom they believe to have framed José. Despite their original intentions, the fear and the misery José and Carmen see cause them to integrate themselves in the group of harvesters whom Luis is organizing, and from that begins a certain friendship between the two men.

October 6, 2018 / Thriller
August 2, 2018 / Foreign