Dark Mission: Flowers of Evil (1988)


CIA agent Derek Carpenter is dispatched to Peru to track down former revolutionary-turned-drug lord Luis Montana. Once there, matters become complicated when he becomes embroiled in a turf war between Montana and another faction led by the seductive Elena, and doubly so when he falls for Montana’s daughter.

Director: Jesús Franco (as Jess Franco).
Writers: Jesús Franco (screenplay) (as A.L. Mariaux), Georges Friedland (dialogue) (as George Freedland).
Stars: Christopher Lee, Christopher Mitchum, Richard Harrison, Cristina Higueras, Henri Lambert, Alicia Moro, Brigitte Lahaie, Daniel Katz, José Miguel García, Frank Desmet, Trino Trives.


Another fine fandubbing job here which combines two different VHSRips (German VHS for video+Greek VHS for English audio). The copy I got had a little out of sync issue towards the end which I fixed for the most part, I also denoised the audio a bit to make it better to watch since it had a pretty loud hiss noise. Thanks to suckmysound @CG for the fandub.  

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  1. June 7, 2022

    Franco on a “budget” with a legendary star and the son of another. Thanks to rarefilmm for the chance to see a very obscure Lee title for us completists.

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