A Pál utcai fiúk (1969) AKA The Boys from Paul Street


In Budapest, two rival gangs of young boys lay claim to a vacant lot. The hostilities escalate yet never quite boil over into actual violence. Just when things do get out of hand, however, the problem is “solved” by the city government, which takes over the lot for future development.

Director: Zoltán Fabri. AKA The Boys from Paul Street.
Writers: Endre Bohem, Zoltán Fábri, Ferenc Molnár (novel).
Stars: Mari Töröcsik, Sándor Pésci, László Kozák, Anthony Kemp, William Burleigh, John Moulder-Brown, Robert Efford, Mark Colleano, Gary O’Brien, Martin Beaumont, Paul Bartleft, Earl Younger, György Vizi, Julien Holdaway, Péter Delmár, Nyika Jancsó, Attila Némethy, Imre Ebergényi, Sándor Kentner, László Paál, Árpád Téry, András Avar, János Pach, István Seri, Orsolya Zeitler.

1969 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.


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  1. Kelly Werre
    June 12, 2022

    This was released in the USA by 20th Century Fox in an English dubbed version.

  2. Dan
    July 6, 2022

    A real gem.

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