September 14, 2023 / Arthouse
September 13, 2023 / Drama

Found drifting down the Saguenay River, half-drowned and clinging to a log, a woman is rescued by Boulder, who carries her to Undersky, his commune in the Quebec wilderness. Named after the river from which she was saved, Saguenay is haunted by memories of her past and remains unresponsive for days, drifting in and out of consciousness. She gradually becomes aware of the life going on around her and begins to explore it. But she senses she has brought ill fortune to this community and fears something in her past has doomed her and all who know her. 

September 12, 2023 / Short

Fictional character played by 24 different actresses, Françoise Durocher is altogether small time waitress, hostess and barmaid. Together, according to the author, they represent the archetypical Québec waitress that everyday waits on us with a smile, despite whatever problems she faces in her personal life. First cinematographic experience of the Brassard-Tremblay tandem, this film full of ironic joy details all the nuances of the waitress living conditions.

September 12, 2023 / Short
August 27, 2023 / Comedy

Algernon is an old man who lives alone, having conversations with a porcelain cat and enjoys making things out of bones. He boils a neighbour’s dead dog for the bones. He is visited by an old friend who is dying but who commits suicide first – leaving a million dollars in a suitcase. A woman claiming to be interested in Algernon’s Egyptologist great-grandfather pretends to be in love with Algernon…

August 27, 2023 / Comedy

In this semi-autobiographical, semi-experimental film (described by its makers as “Huck Finn on coke – a memoir of the drug generation”) the characters bear the same names as the actors. Steve Lack is a suave, funky drug dealer, artist and guru to a street community “family” in Montreal. But the group is threatened from within and without. Brawley has turned from coke to heroin and Pierre follows suit. The group’s latest shipment of cocaine sits in a locker in Windsor station surrounded by cops, so the family can’t get at it. At the same time, a sociology student, Moyle, is doing his thesis on Lack and the family and has insinuated himself into the group.

August 26, 2023 / Animation
July 26, 2023 / Animation

A freewheeling cinematic experience, this film is the work of two filmmakers who relate their perceptions of each other through their respective animation techniques. Images and words are paired in startling associations. Each does a visual portrait of the other, based on characteristic gestures and impressions. A combination of techniques and materials produces a film of rich visual texture shaped by the hands and heads of two very different people.