August 26, 2023 / Animation
July 26, 2023 / Animation

A freewheeling cinematic experience, this film is the work of two filmmakers who relate their perceptions of each other through their respective animation techniques. Images and words are paired in startling associations. Each does a visual portrait of the other, based on characteristic gestures and impressions. A combination of techniques and materials produces a film of rich visual texture shaped by the hands and heads of two very different people.

July 26, 2023 / Documentary

At the age of 12, child activist Craig Kielburger, began his extraordinary fight against child labour. He went to India to find out about the realities of children who are forced to work in the carpet trade. He confronted the Canadian Prime Minister and then he toured the world, speaking out wherever he could. The film explores the complex issue of working children, and looks at “Free The Children” – the movement Craig and his school friends founded. Shot in India, Brazil & the Philippines.

June 26, 2023 / Animation
June 26, 2023 / Animation
June 11, 2023 / Short

An ironic backstage short, in which a young actress in her dressing-room, preparing to go onstage for a play which she tells us is failing, reflects on the performers’ and audiences’ lack of enthusiasm, and reminisces about a failed love affair. Meanwhile, the other performers carouse enthusiastically and we hear the audience’s enthusiastic response.

June 8, 2023 / Comedy

Janet is an overweight girl who has a knack for making the other children in school laugh… by making fun of her own weight. In seeing the other kids’ reaction, she feels that she might have a career as a comedian. She visits the local comedy club, where she finds Tony Moroni, a struggling comedian whose jokes often fail. Together, Tony helps Janet build self-esteem and she helps him with his material.

May 17, 2023 / Documentary

A story from Victoria, British Columbia, of one young man who, despite a crippling malady, is determined to experience as many of life’s offerings as possible. Brian Wilson is spastic, confined to a wheelchair, but he works at a job, looks after himself, and moves about from place to place on his own. Every day has its challenges and victories, and sometimes defeats. With this example of personal courage, the film provides insight into the private and daily struggle of the disabled.