The Wars (1983)


The Wars focuses on rebellious Robert Ross, who battles against the uptight, upper-crust Rosedale society he was born into; when war is declared in 1914, he enlists in the Canadian army to escape from personal tragedy. Though it recreates the horrors of WWI trench warfare with harrowing realism, the film is more interested in how war replicates, and even amplifies, the class divisions of the homefront; in one of many telling details, Robert is the only man in his unit with a handgun because he is the only man wealthy enough to afford one.

Director: Robin Phillips.
Writers: Timothy Findley (novel), Timothy Findley (screenplay by).
Stars: Brent Carver, Martha Henry, William Hutt, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Jackie Burroughs, Jean LeClerc, Domini Blythe, Alan Scarfe, Margaret Tyzack, Barbara Budd, Susan Wright, Richard Austin, Rodger Barton, Paul Batten, Rod Beattie, Tom Bishop, Kirsten Bishop, Richard Blackburn, Fred Booker, Dwayne Brenna, Michael Caruana, Shirley Cassedy, Clare Coulter, Richard Curnock, Shirley Douglas, David Dunbar, Rupert Frazer, Craig Gardner, Graeme Gibson, Maurice Good, Bob Hannah, Paul Hubbard, Jeff Hyslop, Eleanor Kane, James Kidnie, Leo Leyden, Hardee T. Lineham, Robin McKenzie, Matthew Mackey, David Main, William Merton Malmo, Jefferson Mappin, Marti Maraden, Anna McKay, Richard McMillan, David Robb, Stephen Russell, Abigail Seaton, Heather Summerhayes, Irene Sutcliffe, Simon Treves, Annette Vyge, Timothy Webber.
Cinematographer: John Coquillon.
Composer: Glenn Gould.


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One Comment

  1. Jonathan Shapiro
    May 22, 2024

    Bizarre how this has never had a DVD release. Findley’s novel is required reading in many Canadian schools

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