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July 27, 2017 / Foreign

In January 1945, during the 2nd world-war, the Dutch resistance kills a collaborator in the street where the 12 year old Anton Steenwijk lives. The man was shot in front of his neighbors house, but is moved by them to the house of the family Steenwijk. Because of this, his father, mother and brother are killed by the Germans, and their house is set to fire. During his life, Anton meets several people that tell him more about what really happened on the night of the assault.

WATCH MOVIE De Aanslag (1986) AKA The Assault

July 27, 2017 / Pre Code

Joan Fry, a society woman, falls in love with Chuck Riley, the white-leader of a powerful gang in Chinatown, and he quickly drags her down into the depths with him. But seeing her so much in love with him causes him to realize he isl in love with her, and he determines to lift her up again. “Boston” Charley, the rival gang-leader, has other plans.

WATCH MOVIE Chinatown Nights (1929)

July 27, 2017 / Adventure

Michael “Beau” Geste leaves England in disgrace and joins the infamous French Foreign Legion. He is reunited with his two brothers in North Africa, where they face greater danger from their own sadistic commander than from the rebellious Arabs.

WATCH MOVIE Beau Geste (1966)

July 27, 2017 / Foreign

A Russian outpost in Eastern Siberia comes under threat of attack by the Japanese in this patriotic film from 1935. Aerograd is a new town with a strategically located airfield of vital interest to the government.

WATCH MOVIE Aerograd (1935) AKA Frontier

July 27, 2017 / Foreign
July 27, 2017 / Foreign
March 14, 2017 / Uncategorized

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