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May 17, 2022 / Spaghetti Western

A former priest becomes embroiled in the drama raging between a Mexican rancher, his unhappy daughter and psychotic son whilst dealing with his own issues of guilt and a loss of faith. A new relationship with the local brothel keeper seems to offer a fresh start but the rancher and his son are set on making him pay for his interference and his own inner demons are never far away.

May 17, 2022 / Documentary
May 17, 2022 / Drama

Anne-Marie, a well–off young woman, decides to become a nun, joining a convent that rehabilitates female prisoners. Through their program, she meets a woman named Thérèse who refuses any help because she says she was innocent of the crime for which she was convicted. After being released from prison, Thérèse murders the man she feels is responsible for her imprisonment and comes to seek sanctuary from the law in the convent. Anne-Marie clashes with her sisters and elders over her zealousness to reform Thérèse, who manipulates and antagonizes her.

May 17, 2022 / Drama

Brian Anderson is an Army medic serving in Vietnam during the war who begins his service with an attitude of looking out only for himself. But to fulfill a promise to a friend who was killed in action, Brian agrees to work in a local orphanage. He gradually becomes so devoted to the children there that he risks his life and career in order to protect them.

May 15, 2022 / Biography
May 15, 2022 / Drama
May 15, 2022 / Documentary

Lena Horne’s famous song “Now!”, which was banned in the U.S. in the 1960s, was an angry call for struggle against racism. This film uses Horne’s song as the vehicle for a montage of film and photographic images from the U.S. civil rights movement. These images of racial struggle and oppression in the United States convey the heroism and pathos of the black protagonists of the Civil Rights movement, and the brutality of white police and Klansmen and the system they represent. Santiago Alvarez responds to the song’s escalating rhythm by moving between images to evoke the violence with which American society was being torn apart by white supremacy, and the intensity of the African-American struggle to right these injustices.

May 15, 2022 / Drama

The mayor of wild and woolly mining town Panamint, in San Francisco to fetch a preacher for the new church, happens upon young Philip Pharo, as handy with his fists as with a sermon. Arrived, it appears to Philip that some of the town’s “bad” folks are better than the “better element.” When he sets out to better the lives of the miners and bring flagrant sinners into his flock, the “godly” folks are of course outraged. What form will their retribution take?