Category: Short

February 11, 2024 / Short

Tashkent Station in the Uzbekistan capital: Passengers rush to catch their trains. A couple, locked in an intimate embrace, so deeply affects the train driver that leaves the train standing and makes a fundamental change in his life. A miniature by Veit Helmer.

February 11, 2024 / Documentary

DIFFERENT DRUMMER is a short documentary directed by Edward Gray about Jazz great Elvin Jones. In it he talks about his early days with John Coltrane (with whom he’s seen performing in a ’60s film clip) and pianist Bud Powell. He also performs drum solos and an original piece, “Three Card Molly,” with Ryo Kawasaki (guitar), Pat LaBarbera (sax) and David Williams (bass).

February 11, 2024 / Animation

Felix in Exile was created in 1994, a momentous time when South Africa was transitioning through a social, political and economic revolution to a new post-Apartheid society, with new uncertainties and struggles ahead. William Kentridge states that, although his work does not focus on apartheid in a direct and overt manner, but rather on the contemporary state of Johannesburg, his drawings and films are certainly spawned by, and feed off, the brutalised society that it left in its wake.

February 11, 2024 / Animation

“Puppeteers are the nightmares of markets and stalls. They don’t ask for two kilos of beans, rather they select from 200 kg according to colour and size,” wrote the director in revealing some back-stage secrets to the filmmaking in October 1975. This brilliantly executed animation played with individual beans documents the world of this planet’s residents from the point of view of an extra-terrestrial being, who is witness to the brutal suppression of a workers’ strike by the police. The film is another stop motion object animation hallmarked by Ottó Foky and based on screenplays by József Nepp. The film was shortlisted for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1978.

February 11, 2024 / Animation
February 11, 2024 / Animation
February 10, 2024 / Short

Mickey Rourke stars in his first film role as a young waiter in the Hamptons, who finds love with a cocktail waitress as she struggles to support her child and confront her troubling home life.

December 24, 2023 / Animation

Man’s inner-self lives in a state of perpetual fear as a defense mechanism against the scary things in life. However, fear is subjective and that defense mechanism may be obscuring that which should not be feared. Thus, a scientist develops a pair of spectacles that changes the wearer’s perspective and allows them to overcome their worst fears.