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June 8, 2023 / Documentary

An insight into the mystery and legends surrounding Aleister Crowley’s time living in Boleskine house on the banks of Loch Ness. Once Described as “The Wickedest Man in the World”, Crowley’s fascination with Magick is explored in this half-hour documentary originally broadcast on BBC Scotland.

June 8, 2023 / Comedy

Twelve-year-old Antoine falls profoundly in love with a voluptuous but suicidal hairdresser, a formative experience he never forgets. Much later in life, he seeks to repeat his romance by marrying Mathilde – also voluptuous and also a hairdresser – with whom he forms an intimate and consuming relationship in an attempt to blot out the miseries of this world from their lives.

June 8, 2023 / Action

Ahn is a suicidal saxophonist, Mun is a violent simpleton with an I.Q. of 80, and Maria is a single mother with dreams of becoming a nun. Ahn has tried numerous times to kill himself but nothing has ever worked. When he witnesses his wife’s infidelity, it is the last straw. He gets a call from Mun, and both decide to take things into their own hands by robbing a café at gunpoint. They run into Maria, who is determined to find her baby who has been taken from her. Maria decides to use the two men to get her baby back and joins the team.

June 8, 2023 / Experimental

A helter skelter of late 60’s counter-culture psychedelia played in two separate screens, images of student riots, drag queens getting ready for a night in town, fires, juxtaposed against swinging hippies, Japanese women casually arranging their wardrobe, people commuting to work, and various cartoon strips, all this played over a collage of news report snippets telling about the Communist threat, radio recordings, Rolling Stones, Japanese pop tunes, and Hitler speeches, while flickering images of fires and disfigured babies flash over the screen now and again. It’s all pretty anarchic and adds up to no concrete narrative but it all makes sense in a purely audiovisual way.

June 8, 2023 / Comedy

In this musical, producers begin searching for a real southern belle to star in a Broadway production. The two are forced to hear a woman’s audition and agree to let her have the lead. She is soon fired, but is pursued by the producer who has fallen in love with her. Songs include: “Find Yourself a Melody,” “I’ll Never Let a Day Go Past,” “Kiss the Boys Goodbye,” “That’s How I Got My Start,” and “Sand in My Shoes.”

June 8, 2023 / Drama

This prison drama presents a kaleidoscope of criminals of every background, from Irish saboteurs to West Indian petty thieves. Each reveals the story of how they found themselves behind bars, whether it be bigamy or murder, and reflects on the ups and downs of life in stir.

June 8, 2023 / Animation

This puppet animation film is based on Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. A 1936 symphonic fairy tale for children, the piece tells the story of Peter and a little bird who outwit and catch the dangerous wolf and take him to a zoo.

June 8, 2023 / Horror

An alcohol/drug abuser re-examines his life until he nearly dies from an overdose. Then a friend convinces him to join a self-help group which turns out to be demonic.