America (1986)


In America the powers-that-be at a wacky New York cable TV station unexpectedly gain worldwide public exposure when their signal somehow bounces off the moon. This works for them because they’re trying to finagle a recent $10-million-lottery winner to donate to their cause, and the exposure doesn’t hurt.

Director: Robert Downey Sr.
Writers: Robert Downey Sr., Richard Belzer (stand-up material) (uncredited).
Stars: Zack Norman, Tammy Grimes, Michael J. Pollard, Richard Belzer, Monroe Arnold, Liz Torres, David Kerman, Howard Thomashefsky, Pablo Ferro, Michael Bahr, Laura Ashton, F.D. Herrick, Evelyn Zuker, Robert Downey Jr., Lori Ann Zuker, Michael Sullivan, Corinne Wahl, Marie Reynolds, Judy Gilmer, Gayle Gari, Minnie Gentry, Chuck Griffin, Ronald Nealy, Forrest Murray, Melvin Van Peebles, Florence Regina, Stanley Ackerman, Sonia Zomina, Henry Judd Baker.
Cinematographer: Richard Price.
Composer: Leon Pendarvis.


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  1. Matthew Weiss
    January 3, 2024

    Very Unusual ~ Bizarre & Funny!!

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