Arruza (1972)


Budd Boetticher’s final release is an independently produced documentary about legendary bullfighter Carlos Arruza, narrated by Anthony Quinn. A film he spent much time, effort and money on and was to be his masterpiece, perhaps his most personal. Boetticher himself had been a bullfighter before going into movies. Tragically, a car accident on May 20th, 1966 took the lives of Carlos Arruza and some of Boetticher’s filming crew.

Director: Budd Boetticher.
Writers: Budd Boetticher, Ken W. Purdy (narration written in association with).
Stars: Anthony Quinn (narrator), Efrén Adame, Ricardo Aguilar, Pepe Alameda, Manolo Amador, Jorge Aquilar, Carlos Arruza, Manuel Arruza, Maria del Carmen Arruza, Mary Carmen Arruza, Félix Briones, Manuel Capetillo, Luis Briones, Manuel Capetillo, Javier Cerrillo, Sara de Flores, Fermín Espinosa ‘Armillita’, Manuel Espinosa, Curro Girón, César Girón, Joao Laureano, Alfredo Leal, Ruben Padilla, Don Juan Picón, Silverio Pérez, Alfonso Ramírez Calesero, Rafael Rodriguez, Juan Silveti, Jesús Solórzano, Antonio Velázquez.
Cinematographers: Lucien Ballard, Carlos Carbajal.
Composer: Raúl Lavista.


Sadly a very low quality copy for this film, Boetticher’s penultimate directorial effort, please if someone out there has a better copy please share it! Thank you!

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