Tag: 1970s

March 3, 2024 / TV Movie

A Step Out of Line stars Peter Falk, Vic Morrow, and Peter Lawford, a fairly lustrous lineup for a humble TV movie. The trio of leading men portray average Joes, all Korean war buddies, plagued by a string of bad luck. With creditors hounded them at their very fireside (so to speak), Falk, Morrow and Lawford decide for the first–and last–time in their lives to resort to dishonesty. Pooling their military skills, the boys plot and plan to knock over a bank safe.

March 3, 2024 / Theatre

Peter Sallis is the escaped convict with a fetish for women’s underwear, hiding out in a remote Welsh cottage on a snowy night. Peter Vaughan is the investigating policeman. But all is not as it seems. Tense, unusual and largely forgotten TV play from 1975, due to it only being screened regionally.

March 3, 2024 / Theatre

3-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep, Swoosie Kurtz, and Jill Eikenberry star as former classmates at a reunion seven years after their graduation from Mount Holyoke College, who assess whether they have achieved their youthful goals. In a flashback, the friends – all part of a group dubbed “uncommon” because they were expected to be “amazing” before they reached thirty – relive their senior year and examine the influences that shaped them. Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright Wendy Wasserstein’s first play illustrates facing adulthood at the height of the women’s movement.

March 3, 2024 / Uncategorized

FIGHT was based on improvisations developed by Charles Rydell and Brigid Berlin. In FIGHT the actors play a New York couple locked in a hell of relentless combat and intimacy. Conceived by Andy Warhol.

March 3, 2024 / Animation

An ordinary middle class suburban couple sees a celebrity parrot on TV who supposedly foretells the future. The parrot predicts the world is coming to an end. The couple are initially shocked, and then decide to make the most of the time they have left.

March 3, 2024 / Animation

In this short by the British animators Derek Lamb and Jeff Hale, a music hall performer detaches his arms, legs, ears and eventually his head for the amusement of the audience. There’s a wry humour to his performance, but also a striking sense of detail in his movements and gestures- Lamb and Hale were both veterans of the animation world by the time they collaborated on the short. Their style will likely be familiar to anyone who watched Sesame Street during the 80s or 90s- cartoons by both Lamb and Hale were in regular rotation on the show.

March 3, 2024 / Experimental

Arguably Larry Gottheim’s most exuberant experiment in the single-shot, single-roll format (and his first with a soundtrack), HARMONICA trains the camera on a friend improvising a tune in the backseat of a moving car. Held out the window, the harmonica becomes a musical conduit for the wind, while Gottheim’s film transforms before our eyes into a playful meditation on wrangling the natural elements into art. 

February 11, 2024 / Biography

Between October 11 and November 5 of 1968, teenager Norio Nagayama murdered four people in a killing spree across Japan with a shotgun stolen from a U.S. Army base. Adachi Masao, together with cultural theorist Matsuda Masao, scriptwriter Sasaki Mamoru and other collaborators, set out to trace the young man’s footsteps with a camera in hand. The result is an experimental documentary comprised purely of landscape shots, each of which shows scenery that Nagayama may or may not have seen during his upbringing and journey. Seeking an alternative to the sensationalism found in the media’s depiction of serial killers (which continues to this day), Adachi’s sparse voice-over provides only the hard facts while the increasing number of billboards in the landscapes slowly reveal the hegemony of capitalism in contemporary Japan.