Requiem für Dominik (1990) AKA Requiem for Dominic


During the anti-communist revolution in Romania in 1989, political exile Paul Weiss struggles to learn the fate of a childhood friend. As he slowly uncovers the truth, he descends into a world of revolutionary chaos, imprisonment and attempted assassination.

Director: Robert Dornhelm.
Writers: Michael Köhlmeier, Felix Mitterer.
Stars: Felix Mitterer, Viktoria Schubert, August Schmölzer, Angelica Schütz, Antonia Rados, Nikolas Vogel, Georg Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Alain Michel, Jean Marc Jouve, Werner Prinz, Regine Ahner, Liselotte Weber, Oscar Shilz, Georg Metzenrad.
Cinematographer: Hans Selikovsky.
Composers: Harald Kloser, Thomas Schobel.

1991 Golden Globes – Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.


Note: Only hardcoded copy available on source.

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