March 22, 2020 / Biography

This biopic centers on Knut Hamsun, a celebrated author in his native Norway. When fascism sweeps through Germany in the 1930s, the writer shocks his countrymen by allying himself with Hitler. Hamsun’s wife, Marie , also joins the Nazi cause, and goes so far as to tour in Germany, hosting public speaking engagements in the country. After the war ends, the author and his wife are further vilified in Norway, and ultimately sentenced for crimes against the state.

February 28, 2020 / Foreign
February 9, 2020 / Foreign

First World War. The young Englishman Lieutenant Raleigh is transferred into the regiment of the disilliusioned Captain Stanhope. Stanhope harbours a secret love for Raleigh’s sister and so tries to maintain the image of himself as the model officer. An advance against the German lines, in which Raleigh takes part, is a catastrophic bloodbath. As a result Raleigh is now aware of the horrific nature of war, which has overcome Stanhope too. When the Germans attack again, the English base is destroyed.

November 22, 2019 / Fantasy
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May 18, 2019 / Foreign

Though made in Germany, this film version of Johann Strauss’ comic opera Die Fledermaus was distributed in the U.S. by the Russian firm of Artkino. Such full-throated singing personalities as Marte Harell, Johannes Heesters, Willi Dohm and Haus Brauseweiter go through the time-honored paces of the opera’s libretto, wherein an upper-class Viennese gentleman simultaneously tries to avoid arrest and to prove his wife’s fidelity.