Bloody Ivory (1978)


Produced in the 1970s, and at the time dubbed “The greatest wildlife film ever” by the BBC, this dramatic film records the struggle in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park to protect elephants from bow and arrow hunters supplying a rampant international ivory trade…. The film follows Tsavo’s warden, the late David Sheldrick, and his ranger force in their daily fight against armed poachers intent on wiping out Tsavo’s magnificent elephant herds and its dwindling population of Black Rhinos. We also follow the story of the baby elephants, rhino and other animals that have been orphaned due to poaching, and watch them as they are hand-reared and eventually return to the wild.

Director: Simon Trevor.
Writer: Simon Trevor.
Stars: Daphne Sheldrick, David Sheldrick.
Cinematographer: Simon Trevor.
Composer: John Scott.


Many thanks to MiscVids for this copy. Looks like this documentary was released on DVD in 2009, probably in very limited quantities, if anyone has a copy of the DVD please get in touch with me, this copy isn’t very good (TV recording from ’78!) so I would love to upgrade it, it’s an excellent documentary. Thank you.

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