Tag: 1990s

July 14, 2024 / Drama
July 14, 2024 / Arthouse

Jean-Claude Lauzon’s highly praised film tells the strange story of Léolo, a young boy from Montréal. Told from Léolo’s point-of-view, the film depicts his family of lunatics and Léolo’s attempts to deal with them. Not one individual in the boy’s life is well adjusted. His brother, after being beaten up, spends the film bulking up on growth protein. The grandfather hires half-naked girls to bite off his toenails and, in a brutal rage, almost kills Léolo. As he witnesses his family decay around him, Léolo retreats into himself and the fantasy world he has constructed. In response to the weirdness of his daily life, Léolo creates a little mental mayhem of his own which Lauzon renders in an amazing series of free-form, surreal images. 

July 14, 2024 / Arthouse
July 14, 2024 / Short

In its mesmerizing montage of autistic children, seen at the same institution in discrete, vivid moments of repose, reverie or trance, SEULS marks an encounter at once rapturous and serene. Filmed in a luminous black-and-white evocative of an even earlier era, its subjects appear at times curious but more often merely tolerant or indifferent before the camera (its scrutinizing lens, no doubt, already a part of their monitored world). But the tacitly charged portraits prove deeply humanizing and even collaborative in their formal response to the insistent rhythms and expressions of the children, all of them very much agents in the making of this hauntingly beautiful work. 

June 5, 2024 / Arthouse

Ammonites were a kind of snail-like precursor to today’s mollusks, common in the seas of the Cretaceous period, many millions of years ago. They are among the most commonly found fossils, so they must have been extremely plentiful. In this meditative and largely unstructured first feature, a young geologist is traveling by train to visit his sister in the countryside after having received a disturbing and mysterious letter from her. As he travels, he remembers his childhood fixation with rocks, nurtured by his mother, and his very strong affection for his sister.

May 21, 2024 / Arthouse

A “cyclo” is a bicycle-drawn taxi similar to a rickshaw, and, in this story, the nickname of an 18-year-old boy trying to scrape together a living in the desperate poverty of Ho Chi Mihn City. Cyclo lives with his grandfather and two sisters, and drives his taxi for a bitter woman who devotes most of her time to her mentally unstable son. When the pedal-cab is stolen, Cyclo is forced into a life of crime to repay the debt and falls in with a group of petty thugs led by a self-styled poet. What Cyclo doesn’t know at first is that the poet is also a pimp, and he’s been using his romantic wiles to lure Cyclo’s older sister into a career as a prostitute.

May 21, 2024 / Television

A profile of American author Paul Auster and his personal history with New York City, accompanied by readings from his work, clips from “Smoke” and “Blue in the Face”, and a dual interview with the author and Lou Reed.

May 21, 2024 / Documentary

Journey into Life follows the struggles of three concentration camp survivors-Yehuda Bacon of Israel, Gerhard Durlacher of the Netherlands, and Ruth Kluger of the United States-in rebuilding their lives after World War II. In on-camera interviews, these extraordinary individuals discuss their childhood memories of Auschwitz, internment in Displaced Persons camps, and their search for a new homeland after World War II. Using U.S. Army archival film footage to illustrate these powerful stories, Mitscherlich’s film focuses on the subjects’ attempts to cope with the psychological trauma of their experiences and to comprehend the meaning of the Holocaust.