Pourquoi pas! (1977) AKA Why Not


A rundown suburban villa is home to three individuals who live happily together. Fernand and Alexa are fugitives from ill-fated marriages; Louis is a young bisexual musician who couldn’t get on with his parents. The strange ménage attracts the attentions of a police inspector, but he is also drawn into this world of mutual tolerance and free love, becoming their friend when his own wife leaves him. The happy community looks as if it might be falling apart when Fernand falls in love with a young middleclass woman…

Director: Coline Serreau. AKA Why Not.
Writer: Coline Serreau.
Stars: Sami Frey, Mario Gonzalez, Nicole Jamet, Michel Aumont, Mathé Souverbie, Alain Salomon, Jacques Rispal, Louise Chevalier, Bernard Crombey, Dorothy Marchini, André Marcon, Geneviève Mnich, Guylène Péan, Xavier Saint-Macary, Marie-Thérèse Saussure, Nicolas Serreau, Denise Dax, Florence Brière.
Cinematographer: Jean-François Robin.
Composer: Jean-Pierre Mas.

1978 Chicago International Film Festival – Nominated for the Gold Hugo.


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One Comment

    February 19, 2023

    A quirky and delightful movie. Aspects of the main characters are suggested rather than detailed, and this makes them all the more believable and likable. Whatever became of movies with this level of quiet, playful subtlety?

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