Cocaine Cowboys (1979)


Dustin is the leader of a rock band on the brink of super-stardom. Until now they have juggled their music career with cocaine smuggling. The musicians, and their manager Raf, wish to sever ties with organized-crime, leave the drug world behind and concentrate on music. However they are coerced into doing one last job for the Mob. They lose the $2 million of cocaine, and find themselves marked men unless they can fulfill their obligations.

Director: Ulli Lommel.
Writers: Ulli Lommel, Spencer Compton, Tom Sullivan, Victor Bockris.
Stars: Jack Palance, Tom Sullivan, Andy Warhol, Suzanna Love, Pete Huckabee, Richard Young, Tony Munafo, Richard Bassett, Tzi Ma, Chuck Blackwell, Ron Morgan, Chuck Hasley, Winnie Hollman, Esther Oldham, Jan Sullivan, Michael De Silvio, Catherine Guinness, Joyce Anne Finney, Marii Mak, Irene Holmquist, Wendy Raebeck, Tina Austin, Larry Singer, Mike Fella, Buddy Epps, Howard Wood, Eugene Schumacher, William Sigelkin, Frank Santos.
Cinematographer: Jochen Breitenstein.
Composer: Elliot Goldenthal.


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  1. Fred
    September 24, 2023

    This is a first rate B movie. Jack Palance is great, the plot is hip, a bunch of hot young people and just enough Andy that to figure out that the movie exists to hype Interview magazine. I’d given up hope of ever seeing this movie..

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