Hamlet X (2004)


Unconcerned with narrative constraints, the ‘plot’ of Hamlet X is both brief and almost incidental to James Clayden’s motives: a man is released from prison and moves into a deserted city building with a woman friend, where he reluctantly becomes involved with a production of Hamlet. Haunted by the uncertainty of his past, together with his guilt for exisiting, he becomes more and more like Shakespeare’s infamous Dane.

Director: James Clayden.
Writer: James Clayden.
Stars: Helen Hopkins, Tom Wright, Shelley Lasica, Faruk Avdi, Ian Scott, Ingrid Ohlsson, Margaret Mills, Thomas Eckersley, Kevin Hopkins, Nick Crawford-Smith, Greg Carroll, Peter Green.
Composer: AD HOC.


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One Comment

  1. Gerald L. Austin
    February 3, 2024

    I kept hoping that there were at leasr SOMETHING that would ‘redeem’ this movie, but not so. I don’t usually give a movie a chance if it starts out as mixed up as this one, but I wasted my time, except to see how messed up that many people’s minds are nowadays.

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