Pilotinnen (1995) AKA Pilots


Karin is a sales rep for a cosmetics company who one day has to take to the road with Sophie, the new boss’s girlfriend. The two women behave as rivals before joining forces in a flight to freedom.

Director: Christian Petzold. AKA Pilots.
Writer: Christian Petzold.
Stars: Eleonore Weisgerber, Nadeshda Brennicke, Udo Schenk, Barbara Frey, Michael Tietz, Inge-Carolin Gremm, Kim Kuebler, Imke Barnstedt, Michael Brennicke, Jörg Friedrich, Ronny Tanner, Wolfgang Hahn, Hans Klima, Rüdiger Tuchel, Klaus Rätsch, Marie Bondeelle, Gilles Papelian.


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