Dear Mr. Wonderful (1982)


Ruby Dennis is a small-time lounge singer who owns a bowling alley. The film follows his attempts to make it big while struggling against the mob and finding romance with Sharon. Dennis lives with his sister, Paula, and her son, Raymond. Paula quits her job and runs off to help the poor, leaving Dennis to keep Raymond away from a life of crime. Ruby ventures toward a spiritual crisis, something that is off-kilter to his surroundings

Director: Peter Lilienthal.
Writer: Sam Koperwas.
Stars: Joe Pesci, Karen Ludwig, Frank Vincent, Ed O’Ross, Richard S. Castellano, Ivy Ray Browning, Larry Rapp, Joseph Rigano, Gene Ruffini, Ben Dova, Dominick Grieco, Paul Herman, Evan Handler, Tony Martin, Ronald Maccone.


Note: This rare Joe Pesci movie has only been released in home video in the U.S. in a heavily cut version and very bad quality, this is the original, fully uncut 115 minutes German version in beautiful HD quality, which I additionally restored to the original 24fps frame rate.

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