Verna USO Girl (1978)


Based on a short story by Paul Gallico, this drama stars Sissy Spacek as Verna Vane, a small-town girl who dreams of hitting it big in show business. Verna isn’t much of a singer or a dancer, but she is able to land a job with a U.S.O. troupe entertaining American soldiers in Europe during World War II. Verna imagines this is a major stepping stone in her career as an entertainer, but even though Maureen and Eddie, two veteran vaudevillians touring with Verna, know better, they don’t have the heart to tell her. While in Belgium, Verna meets Walter, a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army who becomes smitten with her. Verna: USO Girl was first aired in 1978 as part of the PBS series Great Performances.

Director: Ron Maxwell (as Ronald F. Maxwell).
Writers: Paul Gallico (story), Albert Innaurato.
Stars: Sissy Spacek, Howard Da Silva, Sally Kellerman, William Hurt, Joseph Turrin, Vaughan Hooks, Robert Roelse, Jamie Flanery, Greg Enos, Thomas Kersey, George Wolfert, Louise Haraczka.


RIP Sally Kellerman (1937-2022).
RIP William Hurt (1950-2022).

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