The Suicide’s Wife (1979)


An unsuccessful middle-aged college professor commits suicide, leaving his wife to cope with guilt, shame, and an angry teenage son who blames her for his father’s death.

Director: John Newland.
Writers: David Madden (novel), Dennis Nemec.
Stars: Angie Dickinson, Gordon Pinsent, Zohra Lampert, Todd Lookinland, Peter Donat, Lane Davies, Don Marshall, Majel Barrett, Walt Davis, Martin Rudy, Luana Anders, Elaine Princi, Mario Machado, Denis Berkfeldt, Lorna Thayer, Kathie Browne, Chris Ellis, Lyla Graham, Susan Niven, Peter Skinner, Sean Spencer, Steven Factor, Marilyn Staley, Hillary Farrell, Matthew Baer, Alan Jay Factor.


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