Tsuitô no zawameki (1988) AKA Noisy Requiem


In the slums of Osaka, various marginalized misfits have their own interpretations of love. Completely alienated from the outside world, they commit sexual perversions, violence and cannibalism.

Director: Yoshihiko Matsui. AKA 追悼のざわめき / Noisy Requiem.
Writer: Yoshihiko Matsui.
Stars: Toshihiko Hino, Simon Kumai, Yukiko Murata, Mamiko Nakai, Dan Oosuga, Kazuhiro Sano, Akane Shirafuji.


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  1. Gerald L. Austin
    May 23, 2022

    The first time I encountered censor blurring, that was all for me.

    • Gene
      November 30, 2023

      This is Standard Operating Procedure in Japan, per Japanese law, for both softcore (with explicit views below the belt) and hardcore films. Done via optical fogging or digital pixelation. Which is why I’m pretty sure that Oshima shot “In the Realm of the Senses” outside of Japan. (Just saw on IMDB that Wakamatsu had worked on the script for that film,, which I wasn’t previously aware of, but in retrospect it makes a certain sense.) Curiously, there is abundant explicit and uncut Japanese hardcore, from quite a few specialty studious, but it is earmarked for export only.

  2. joe
    August 30, 2023

    Saw this one on youtube — crazy movie

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