Brainwash (1981) AKA Circle of Power / Mystique / The Naked Weekend


Circle of Power is not recommended viewing for any aspiring executive about to undergo leadership classes. Yvette Mimieux plays the head of an organization called Executive Development Training, or EDT for short. Her grueling technique requires that both the male trainees and their wives participate. Few of the participants seem psychologally suited for the EST-like excesses of EDT: one man is a closeted homosexual, another an alcoholic, a third a transvestite.

Director: Bobby Roth. AKA Brainwash / Mystique / The Naked Weekend.
Writers: Gene Church & Conrad D. Carnes (book), Beth Sullivan & Steve Bello (screenplay).
Stars: Yvette Mimieux, Christopher Allport, Cindy Pickett, John Considine, Walter Olkewicz, Leo Rossi, Scott Marlowe, Carmen Argenziano, Mary McCusker, Denny Miller, Fran Ryan, Danny Dayton, Hanna Landy, Tony Plana, Wally Taylor, Susan Lynch, Frances Gray, Micole Mercurio, Barbara Thorpe, Peggy Kaye, Terence Knox, Donna Garrett, Michele Davison, Gammy Singer, Henry G. Sanders, Julius Harris, Valorie Niccore, David Susskind.

1981 Chicago International Film Festival – Nominated for the Gold Hugo.
1982 Sundance Film Festival – Winner of the Grand Jury Prize (Dramatic).


RIP Yvette Mimieux (1942-2022).

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One Comment

  1. Gerald L. Austin
    March 26, 2024

    This was quite an imaginative film, I was glad to see just a bit of male nudity, but I was hoping for more.

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