Luigi’s Ladies (1989)


A contemporary black comedy about women, friendship, sex, duplicity and money. The story centres on three women who meet regularly at an exclusive restaurant run by their friend and confidant Luigi, a dwarf maitre d’.

Director: Judy Morris.
Writers: Jennifer Claire, Judy Morris, Wendy Hughes, Ranald Allan.
Stars: Jennifer Claire, Sandy Gore, Anne Tenney, David Rappaport, John Walton, Ray Meagher, Serge Lazareff, Joseph Spano, Max Cullen, Brian Adams, Simon Angell, Alex Angell, Prue Bassett, Rosemary Blundo, Glenn Boswell, Damian Cudmore, Maggie Dence, George Donikian, Mervyn Drake, Roberta Grant, Johnny Hallyday, Ric Hutton, Geneviève Lemon, Robert Mammone, Natalie Mosco, Roger Newcombe, Andre Pataczek, George Rubiu, Franca Rubiu, Katrina Sedgwick, Luke Simon, Leroy.


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