January 14, 2022 / Drama
January 7, 2022 / Drama

Noburo Nakamura’s film sees Yoshie Nogami work as a factory worker by day, while moonlighting as a bar hostess at night. Seduced by regular Eiji Kitami, she begins a passionate love affair, until Eiji’s demeanor changes and she is slowly forced into a life of prostitution. Living a life of despair, she eventually meets building engineer Fujii, who urges her to go straight and run away with him. But this swooning, tragic drama has other plans in store for her. A genuine rediscovery, The Shape of the Night is one of Japan’s great female-centered melodramas, to rank alongside those of Ozu, Imamura and Naruse.

December 24, 2021 / Drama
December 13, 2021 / Drama

After the Japanese surrender to the U.S., ending World War II, the residents of a small fishing village feel great humility in the wake of the defeat. But some of the children — Ryuta  and Saburo in particular — react with anger and confusion. Their uncertainty about the future is magnified when U.S. troops occupy the area and treat the villagers with kindness, adhering to Gen. MacArthur’s proclamation. Tensions ease, but profound complications still linger.

December 13, 2021 / Drama
December 9, 2021 / Arthouse

A landmark in African cinema, Souleymane Cissé’s film is set in the Malian empire of the 13th century and depicts the quest of a young son across the West African landscape to confront his father, a tyrannical magician. Although the film’s mythic narrative and arresting visual style lend it universal appeal, Yeelen’s use of Bambara, Fulani, and Dogon languages and its representation of power struggles across generations have been interpreted as a commentary on Malian politics of the postcolonial era.

December 5, 2021 / Drama
November 25, 2021 / Drama

Two young individuals meet online and become interested in each other after e-mailing everyday. Secrets are confessed and the two finally decide to meet in person.