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Hideo is the leader of the motorcycle gang The Bears. He beats up the leader of a rival gang The Scorpions without a reason. The Scorpions retaliate, which lands Hideo severly injured in the hospital of Hiroshi’s father. Hiroshi, the black sheep of his wealthy family is a gay boy with a drug addiction, who’s deeply in love with the cool, self-assured Hideo. But Hideo ignores Hiroshi’s affection and dates Akemi, the promiscuous daughter of a hooker mother. Thus an unhappy love triangle develops.

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June 18, 2019 / Foreign

In 1958, a Japanese expedition to Antarctica led by meteorologist Kenjiro Ochi and doctor Akira Ushioda leave their exploration base, abandoning their loyal team of sled dogs. When the scientists who are supposed to replace them have their mission canceled, Akira and Kenjiro are worried their dogs will die. A year later, the scientists embark upon a dangerous expedition to rescue their faithful animal companions.

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Infidelity threatens to break up a marriage in this evocative feature from legendary Japanese director Mikio Naruse. Tsuma concerns the struggles of a woman who finds out that her husband is cheating on her; to avoid the stigma of a broken marriage, she decides she’ll do whatever it takes to keep him with her. Tsuma was adapted from a story by Fumiko Hayashi, who wrote about women’s cultural struggles in 1950s Japan and whose writings formed the basis for five other Naruse films.