Die glücklichen Minuten des Georg Hauser (1974) AKA The Happy Minutes of Georg Hauser


After a series of events, Georg Hauser, an established middle-class man, is at odds with the world, in which he himself used to work so well. He wants out. He wants to live. In a moment of his very own clarity, he destroys his car, but whoever destroys his property is an enemy of the state.

Director: Mansur Madavi. AKA The Happy Minutes of Georg Hauser
Writer: Mansur Madavi.
Stars: Walter Bannert, Lore Heuermann, Ernst Eppler, Lili Glas, Christine Heuer, Wilhelm Herzog, Helmut Steiner, Christian Weitzer, Josef Napravnik, Gerhard Jersabek.


Note: Huge thanks to Florian for sending me a copy of this film and also for creating the English subtitles from scratch.

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