Die ersten Tage (1971) AKA The First Days


In this end-of-the-life scenario, which is designed as an expressive silent film with subtitles, a group of adolescents and scattered loners move through a destroyed landscape. One of the leaders is poisoned by his girlfriend, who now takes his place and demonstrates her power to a newcomer. However, he in turn passes the test of courage, puts himself in the place of the head of the group and leads the ever-growing community into an uncertain future.

Director: Herbert Holba. AKA The First Days
Writers: Herbert Holba, Ernst A. Ekker (contributor), Wilhelm Pellert (contributor).
Stars: Ariane Niehoff, Olga Felber, Heinz Herki, Karlheinz Hayek, Gerhard Stingl, Wolfgang Karner, Peter Kadluz, Wilhelm Pellert, Nora Aschacher, Ingeborg Staudt, Josef Frieser, Robert Trampitsch, Jakob Holzer, Ferdinand Bischofter, Elfriede Stromberger, Heimo Wisser.

1971 Berlin International Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Bear.


Note: Huge thanks to Florian for sending me a copy of this film and also for creating the English subtitles from scratch.

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