Kandyland (1988)


Joni gets persuaded to enter a bikini contest by her friends and likes the attention. She talks to another contestant, Harlow, who suggests she try exotic dancing at Kandyland, where she works. Joni gets fed up with her job at the dry cleaner’s, and boyfriend Frank won’t commit, so she gets a job at Kandyland. She finds others doing drugs and getting abused, and tries to make her new job, her lingering attraction to Frank, and her strong friendship with Harlow coexist.

Director: Robert Allen Schnitzer (as Robert Schnitzer).
Writers: Robert Allen Schnitzer, Toni Serritello, Shelby Buford Jr., Randi Cogert, Scott Lane, Bruce Baum.
Stars: Kim Evenson, Charles Laulette, Sandahl Bergman, Cole Stevens, Bruce Baum, Alan Toy, Irwin Keyes, Steven Kravitz, Catlyn Day, Ja-Nét Hintzen, Chrissy Ratay, Brenda Winston, Israel Juarbe, Beth Peters, Ken Olfson, Richard Neil, Natalie Sumara-Janiec, Deanne Jacobs, Shelby Gregory, Ray Saniger, Jim Mapp, Hugh McPhillips, Alan Popper, Robert Kash, Don Barber, Kahlena Marie, Anet Anatelle, Margie Barron, Elise Bernbach, Demona Kirk, Diana London, Charmaine Spears.


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One Comment

  1. Tveitt Irgens
    February 21, 2022

    It seems playboy centerfold Kim Evenson made a career of herself after having been photographed. It makes me not want to see this film.

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