Costa Brava (1995)


Anna lives in Barcelona where she works as a tour guide, but longs to perform her monologue on tour with Another Stage, a gay and lesbian theater company in San Francisco. When she meets Montserrat, a Jewish seismic engineer who was educated in the States, adventures and misadventures befall them in this comedic lesbian love story.

Director: Marta Balletbò-Coll.
Writers: Marta Balletbò-Coll, Ana Simón Cerezo.
Stars: Desi del Valle, Marta Balletbò-Coll, Montserrat Gausachs, Joseph Maria Brugues, Ramón Mari, Sergi Schaaff, Marel Malaret, Marta Martí-Palanqués, Emil Remolins Casas, Luz Marina Reyes Peiro, Anna Casella.


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  1. Tveitt Irgens
    August 31, 2021

    Not super good a movie, but I found myself smiling through great portions of it, so I really liked it despite its “cineastic” flaws. Bonus points for the title sequence! Thanks Rarefilmm!

  2. Stacy Livitsanis
    September 9, 2021

    Been looking for this film since I saw it on TV in 1998. Thank you!

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