Uova di garofano (1991) AKA Sweet War, Farewell


A man walks with his son through the grass of a hill. They arrive at an old country house, where years before he had spent his childhood during the Second World War. The deserted and desolate rooms make you travel in memory of the time when the war ended. Before his eyes, episodes of family life flow: father, mother, grandmother and their six children, of whom Silvano, the youngest, was left speechless due to a bomb explosion.

Director: Silvano Agosti. AKA Sweet War, Farewell
Writer: Silvano Agosti.
Stars: Federico Zanola, Elisa Murolo, Eva Serafini, Paola Agosti, Alain Cuny, Lou Castel, Roberto Brignani, Michele Meggiolaro, Camilla Serafini, Lucia Gafa, Severino Saltarelli.


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