Hadaka no Jukyu-sai (1970) AKA Live Today, Die Tomorrow!


Almost a decade before Imamura’s Vengeance Is Mine, Shindo crafted this fascinating documentary-inspired portrait of a serial killer that drew upon the actual events of a troubled nineteen-year old who went on a murderous rampage, killing four people with a pistol stolen from an US navel base. Shindo’s meticulous research into the background of the anti-social youth, including extensive interviews with his mother and acquaintances, brings a rare authenticity of unexpected detail to a film that also reads as an astute critique of American imperialism and reckless tabloid journalism.

Director: Kaneto Shindô. AKA 裸の十九才 /  Live Today Die Tomorrow
Stars: Daijirô Harada, Nobuko Otowa, Keiko Torii, Kiwako Taichi, Kei Satô, Daigo Kusano.


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  1. MCH
    September 12, 2019

    Thank you so much, Jon! You’re the greatest!

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