Makchalo on sannimdeul (1967) AKA The Guest Who Came on the Last Train


This film concentrates on a group of people who have trouble adjusting to mainstream society. From a woman running away from her previous life, to a man with a terminal disease, to a pop artist misunderstood by his contemporaries, the film looks on with sympathy and compassionate humor on a set of people who, for whatever reason, just don’t fit in.

Director: Hyun-mok Yoo (as Hyun Mok Yoo). AKA The Guest Who Came on the Last Train / 막차로 온 손님들
Stars: Lee Son-jae, Moon Hee, Seong Hoon, Nam Jeong-im, Kim Seong-ok, Ahn In-sook, Han Chan-joo, Jeong Min.


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  1. nolan
    September 12, 2019

    Thank you.
    Yu Hyun-mok is one of titans of Golden Age Korean cinema and his Aimless Bullet is one of my favourite films.
    So I greatly appreciate you sharing this film.

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