Ash Wednesday (1973)


After 30 years of marriage, Barbara Sawyer is afraid she’s losing her husband, Mark. The ravishing beauty of her youth has given way to middle-aged homeliness, so she secretly checks into a Swiss clinic and undergoes extensive plastic surgery. While waiting to surprise Mark with her restored face and body, Barbara meets Erich, a handsome bachelor, at a posh ski lodge and becomes entranced by his seductive charm.

Director: Larry Peerce.
Writer: Jean-Claude Tramont.
Stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Fonda, Helmut Berger, Keith Baxter, Maurice Teynac, Margaret Blye, Monique van Vooren, Henning Schl├╝ter, Dino Mele, Kathy Van Lypps, Dina Sassoli, Carlo Puri, Andrea Esterhazy, Jill Pratt, Irina Wassilchikoff.

1974 Golden Globes – Nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama (Elizabeth Taylor).


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  1. Bob Verini
    August 10, 2019

    Producer Dominick Dunne tells wonderful stories of the trainwreck that resulted in this movie, in his collected journalism.

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