Honeyboy (1982)


Rico ‘Honeyboy’ Ramirez is a Puerto Rican from the south Bronx who finds fame and fortune as a middleweight boxer. But he soon learns that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be when he loses sight of his goals. First by becoming romantically involved with his attractive publicist, and then having to prove himself in the ring after learning that his biggest victory was rigged by his shady, mob-connected, promoters.

Director: John Berry.
Writers: John Berry, Lee Gold.
Stars: Erik Estrada, Morgan Fairchild, Hector Elizondo, James McEachin, Yvonne Wilder, Robert Costanzo, Jill Jaress, Robert Alan Browne, Phillip R. Allen, Bill Baldwin, Jem Echollas, Sugar Ray Robinson, Fred Dennis, Claudio Martínez, Lydia Nicole.


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