February 24, 2023 / Animation
February 17, 2023 / Drama
December 27, 2022 / Comedy

The story is set between the two World wars. The Topalovic family consists of five generations of males, with the youngest one aged 25 and the oldest aged 150. Conflicts break out in the family because the youngest member refuses to carry on the morticians’ trade, which for decades, from generation to generation has been his family’s occupation. The manufacturing of coffins is more and more lucrative, new technologies are introduced, burials are faster and easier, the era of crematoriums is here. But the youngest member of the family, Mirko, is not interested.

December 26, 2022 / Documentary

Non-narrated treatment of the activities carried out in an abattoir. An unlikely subject for a documentary, but the filmmaker captures the strength and terrible beauty in the daily preparation for slaughter. The sound track echoes with hard metallic knives being ground, tested and sharpened. No beast is actually shown being killed but the slaughter is mirrored in the blood-red faces of the men and the scenes of water flushing away the blood to a river – thus water purges but never really cleans the walls of the slaughter house. A powerful film – almost abstract at times. Perhaps even more effective because of what it leaves unsaid and unshown.

December 10, 2022 / Animation
December 9, 2022 / Biography

This fictional biography of Sigmund Freud features the pioneering Austrian psychoanalyst’s days as a young man. Squeamish at the sight of blood, Freud opts out of medical school, and eventually develops his theories of psychoanalysis, even finding an “ultimate patient” to test his innovative ideas on. Later, Freud develops a relationship with nurse Martha Bernays, who is not shy about her feelings for the renowned thinker.

June 23, 2022 / Animation

Two neighbours live in the same house as the best friends until one of them buys a small harmonica and starts to play in a unbearable way. The other one takes his revenge and answers with some intolerable play on a larger accordeon. They start a competition, using bigger and bigger instruments. Other neighbours join them in a dreadful ear-splitting noise. This infernal sounds provoke some unwanted consequences, all because of a small »Piccolo« accordeon.

May 11, 2022 / Animation

The Inspector carefully walks down the city streets avoiding “danger”. He comes home, washes his feet and reads the newspapers. Suddenly, he sees a fingerprint that starts running. The Inspector follows it… This satirical cartoon about the need for excitement, mystery, suspense and a dynamic life contains all kinds of witty situations and comical details.